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  • Business Analyst is a person who analyses, designs, process, executes and integrates a project. This requires a lot of analyses, business problem solving skills, rational and a logical mind. If you are doing all this for a project then it’s high time you get a certification for it.




    Business Analyst works as a link between the customers, solution team and stakeholders. The person needs to have an analytical and a problem solving mind with good communication skills. The course teaches the candidates to successfully understand a process, create a solution for it and integrate it with the technology. All these analysis and solution need to be properly documented.

    The business analyst is required to write a lot of documents and thus needs to have good communication skills and clarity of the concepts. The analyst is a link between the development teams and the client. The BA (business analyst) needs to understand the client requirements and then suggest a solution which is then integrated with the technology and thus helps the clients and the development teams to understand their tasks.

    After course completion, student would understand:

    • Understand the role of a business analyst.
    • Learn to gather, verify and validate requirements to design a solution for the same.
    • Tracking and managing the projects for their success.
    • Analyzing the effort and resources required for the best productivity
    • Creating a solution that best fits the requirements
    • Teaches the concepts as how to reduce the rework effort and reduce the gaps in the solution if any
    • Documenting the requirements and the solution concise and to the point
    • Implementing the standards and the core models
    • Getting approvals from the clients for the sent proposal or business solution

    You can select from the following Business Analyst Training Courses

    • Associate Certificate in Business Analysis
    • Masters Certificate in Business Analysis
    • Masters Certificate in Project Management

    You’ll cover the following content

    The course would introduce you to fundamentals of Business Analysis and would cover:

    • Business Analyst Requirement foundation
      • Explains the fundamentals of business analysis
      • Fundamentals of requirement gathering and classification
      • Implementation of the business rules
      • COTS considerations
      • Various approaches of requirements


    • Business Analyst business needs
      • Describing the business needs
      • Explains the business requirements, goals, objectives, problems and opportunities


    • Business Analyst Planning requirement
      • Describes the project context and defining the scope
      • Identifying and communicating with the stakeholder


    • Eliciting Requirements
      • Understanding the concept and challenges of eliciting
      • Prepare, conduct and document eliciting results


    • Analyze and Documentation
      • Analyzing tasks
      • Creation of requirement documents
      • Setting assumptions and identifying constraints
      • Organizing, tracing and prioritizing requirements
      • Verifying and Validating requirements


    • Requirement of a Model
      • Importance of model
      • Types of models
      • Guidelines and concepts of modelling


    • Manage and Communicate requirement
      • Creation of requirement
      • Reviewing requirement
      • Managing requirement


    Q. What is the role of a Business Analyst?

    A. Business analyst acts as a liaison between the customers, stakeholders and the development team. The analyst understands the requirements, creates a solution, integrates it with the technology and then documents all these ideas in the form of a proposal; which is sent to the customer for an approval.

    Q. Who all can undergo Business Analyst Certification?

    A. The certification can be gained by functional project managers and business analyst.It can also be taken up by IT professionals who are planning to move to a role as a BA.

    Q. What is the passing score for the Business Analyst Certification test?

    A. The candidate needs to score 65% marks in Business Analyst certification test to successfully clear the exam.

    Q. What is the duration of the exam and how many questions are to be attempted?

    A. The candidate gets 3.5 hours to complete the examination that has 150 questions in it.

    Certification Programmes Add-on:

    • Intensive Hands-on Training Utilizing our (Lecture | Lab | Review)TM Delivery
    • Complete Study Materials, Courseware and Testing Software
    • Fully instructor-led program with 24 * 7 lab facility
    • Vouchers for Examination
    • Facility to conduct an On site testing
    • Candidates need to have 1 year of relevant experience of working in a project


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