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  • PMP is a project management courses that any experienced Project Manager will like to do, it adds to your profile and gives you an upper hand over your competitors. The course is designed to enhance managerial skills, managing finances effectively and making strategic decisions.




    More and more organizations recruit managers that are PMP certified. BCI offers a PMP course to enhance the managerial skills of a manager. A PMP certified project manager is competent to handle a project right from setting plans to directing tasks to individuals and delivering projects on time. A good project manager is one that is able to handle all these aspects of the project along with the budget. PMP is a certification program designed to meet the standards of the industry and improves your earning scales.

    The idea behind getting a PMP certification is to be able to plan, monitor, execute and deliver any project on time and within budget. The course gives a hands-on knowledge about the latest concepts evolving in project management. Anyone with an experience of 3 – 5 years in project management can opt for this course and is required to take 35 hour training for the same.

    After course completion, student would understand:

    • Will be able to easily handle various aspects involved in a project efficiently and effectively.
    • Will have an in-depth knowledge of the PMI approach of project management.
    • How to implement the PMI process in project management.
    • Can easily handle cross- functional teams
    • Understand the concepts of delivering successful projects with a proper plan, scope and budget.
    • Will confidently implement a process for the given required projects.
    • It will give you an edge over your competition and thus add value to the business.

    You’ll cover the following content

    The course would introduce you to fundamentals of PMP Certification and would cover:

    Initiating the project

    • Explains the fundamentals of Cost-benefit analysis
    • Understanding the business case developments
    • Introduction to project selection criteria
    • Stakeholder Identification techniques
    • Risk Identification Techniques
    • Elements of a project charter

    Planning the project

    • Describing the requirement gathering techniques
    • Explaining the tools and techniques for WBS
    • Estimating budget, time and cost
    • Scope Management Techniques
    • Resource planning process
    • Workflow diagramming techniques
    • Types and uses of organization charts
    • Fundamentals of project planning, communication planning, procurement planning,quality management planning, change management planning, risk management planning

    Executing the project

    • Project Management tools and techniques
    • Elements of a statement of work
    • Interaction of work breakdown structure elements within the project schedule
    • Tools and techniques for project budgeting
    • Quality standard tools
    • Continuous Improvement process

    Monitoring & Controlling the project

    • Performance management and tracking techniques
    • Project control Limits
    • Project performance metrics
    • Cost analysis techniques
    • Variance and trend analysis techniques
    • Project plan management techniques
    • Change Management techniques
    • Integrated change control process
    • Risk identification and analysis techniques
    • Risk response techniques
    • Problem solving techniques
    • Reporting Procedure

    Closing the project

    • Getting final project acceptance from the customer
    • Transferring ownership of deliverables
    • Obtaining financial, legal and administrative closure
    • Distribute the final project report to the stakeholders
    • Archive project documentation

    Q. 1. What is the role of a PMP Certified Project Manager?

    A. PMP certification helps a manager gain knowledge and experience in handling projects more effectively and efficiently; thus delivering results.

    Q. 2. What is the cost of to sit in the PMP exam?

    A. The cost of the exam is XXX + VAT for obtaining a PMP certification. Please note that the cost of the exam may change region wise and you need to check it with the examination centre.

    Q. 3. Who all can undergo PMP Certification?

    A. The certification can be gained by project managers, project managers, QA Managers, and individuals who are in a profile that involves a lot of project management.

    Q. 4. What is the passing score for the PMPCertification test?

    A. The candidate needs to answer 137 questions correctly out of the 200 questions in PMP certification test to successfully clear the exam.

    Q. What is the duration of the exam and how many questions are to be attempted?

    A. The candidate get a time of 4 hours to complete the examination that has 200 questions in it.

    Certification Programmes Add-on:

    • Intensive Hands-on Training Utilizing our (Lecture | Lab | Review)TM Delivery
    • Complete Study Materials, Course-ware and Testing Software
    • Fully instructor-led programme

    Our instructors follow a flexible approach of teaching thus the training methods are altered as per the trainees’ needs. We offer study material, hands–on labs, skills to work as a team by giving more and more team activity or tasks. Various review exams from time to time to analyze your knowledge.

    BCO I has state of the art training facility and is equipped with world-class fixtures and sans peril instructors who are available to answer your queries.

    • A graduate or a post-graduate with an experience of at least 5 years as a project manager and completion of 35 hours of training course.
    • Bachelor’s degree with a relevant 3 years working experience as a project manager and completion of 35 hours of training course.


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