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Shatabdi Saha*, thank you so much for your very valuable training. I really enjoyed it, and appreciated that you made it fun and lively! I have no doubt that I will be fully prepared to deal with uncomfortable issues. Your wisdom, experience and well detailed presentation made it so interesting
Drew Chuong
MITHUN AND MUNI went above and beyond to ensure that the internship was worth the while. They painstakingly made the experience as engaging as possible. I gained really valuable experience that has given me the confidence that I needed to take on roles as soon as possible.
The training has inculcate a great sense of management and work ethics awareness in respects to handling both low level and high end projects in order to achieve a sustainable product goals. The Trainer(Chetana) had a good approach and was very explanatory, with a much friendly professional approach and incisiveness.
Jude Emefo
I have concluded my internship with Mr. Mudasir Shiekh. He was also my trainer. Mudasir was very helpful, polite, gentle and made things very easy and understandable for us with easy examples. It was remarkably eventful, eye-opening, and interactive. I have learned much and this is an experience hope that this will help in my next steps and endeavors.
Mushfequr Rahman
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